General characteristics

Bloom period

Early June until end of July

Plant habit

Herbaceous perennial grass-like foliage.

Height and spread

Hardy, deciduous,  winter dormant, herbaceous rhizomatopus perennial with basal linear leaves arching in upper 2/3s, natural foliage spread is genrally 66cm in diameter and generally 79 cm tall with an occasional leaf up to 90 cm tall and symmetrical


U.S.D.A. zones no 3 to 7

Disease and pest

Has been observed to be resistant to daylily rust – Puccinia hemerocallidis

Root description

Fibrous roots



Growth rate

Moderate with 3 to 4 fans per fan season

Plants of the cultivar ‘Connie Marks’

Plants of the cultivar ‘Connie Marks’ can be compared to the parent cultivar Hemerocallis hybrida ‘‘Hyperion’’ (unpatented). Plants of the instant cultivar ‘Connie Marks’ and plants of the cultivar ‘Hyperion’ differ in the following characteristics :

  1. Plants of ‘Connie Marks’ have double flowers whereas plants of ‘Hyperion’ have single flowers.
  2. Plants of ‘Connie Marks’ have smaller flowers than plants of ‘Hyperion’.
  3. Plants of ‘Connie Marks’ have petaloids with anthers whereas plants of ‘Hyperion’ have the more typical anthers attached to filaments
  4. Plants of ‘Connie Marks’ Exhibits more creping on the inner pedals than plants of ‘Hyperion’.


Light perfume like fragrance similar to cultivar ‘Hyperion’


Culpeper, Virginia experiences a normal summer, daytime high temperature ranges between 24° – 34°C, with a night-time low temperature range of 9° to 20°C

Detailed description

Flower scape description

Scape shape: in approximately equal proportions scapes are ovoid, square, and round; ovoid at the base and all scapes are hollow

Scape number: two per fan at one time

Scape aspect: straight, held upright

Scape size: an average of 63.5 cm in length and 8 mm in width, branches average 3 cm in length and 4mm in width

Scape color: R.H.S 138A, Green

Scape surface: glabrous

Scape branching: average three branches per scape, internode length 2 cm

Scape leaves: one per branch point plus two additional not at branch points, shortest at 1.2 cm long up to longest at 6.8 cm, not at branch, but on shaft, all leaves are glabrous

Foliage description

Leaf shape: linear

Leaf division: simple

Leaf base: sheathed to crown

Leaf apex: narrowly acute

Leaf venation: longitudinal, parallel, same color as leaves

Leaf margin: entire

Leaf attachment: sheathed, not petioled

Leaf arrangement: fan shaped

Leaf surface: glabruous (without hairs)

Leaf color: mature leaves (upper and lower surface) R.H.S. Green Group upper leaf 137B and lower leaf 137C

Leaf size: up to 90 cm in length, 0,5 to 2 cm wide

Leaf quantity: approximately 150 leaves to 3 gallon pot